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Oklahoma National Stockyards

Stock Cow and Bred Heifer Sale

Wednesday September 24th at 10:30 am

Expecting 500 to 600


32 angus heifers 5-6 months bred

15 black & crossbred cows 3-5 months bred

Custer and Custer

100 mixed cows all ages 75% pairs 25% bred


70 charlotte cross cows 4-10 years old, calves in the Spring

30 angus cows 2-5 years old, calves in the Spring

J & J

25 second calf angus cows bred to garden angus bulls

15 running age Hereford cows long bred

70 3-7 year old angus type pairs

25 long bred angus cows

15 running age Hereford cows bred

1 full blood brahman bull

3 registered horned Hereford bulls

10 registered angus bulls


35 Bred Cows – Trawick Ranch

To consign cattle contact one of our Commission Companies

Central-Halliburton- 405-235-2585

Custer and Custer- 405-235-8831

Farmers Commission- 405-236-1619

J & J – 405-602-5026

May Commission- 405-235-4825

National – 405-232-3128

Stockman-Oklahoma- 405-232-7597

Western- 405-235-8908

Welcome to the Oklahoma National Stockyards

Stockyards City was founded October 3, 1910, and was built to serve the nation as a primary source for meat processing and packing. By 1915, Morris, Wilson and Armour all established huge packing facilities to slaughter the cattle, hogs and sheep which were transported first by cattle drive and later by railroad and truck. The area’s nickname for a time was “Packingtown.” By 1961, faced with complete overhaul and updating of equipment, the packing plants decided to close. However, the Stockyards still retains its profitable cattle trading and related businesses. Since its founding, Stockyards City has been the place for cattlemen, horsemen, farmers, ranchers and real cowboys to come for apparel, equipment, supplies, a good meal, and the opportunity to catch up on what was going on over a cold sarsaparilla with fellow cattlemen. For over 80 years, Stockyards City has continually offered the kind of quality products and services which are synonymous with the heritage of the West.