The Oklahoma National Stockyards is proud to serve the nation’s farmers and ranchers for 110 years!

Our sales take place every Monday and Tuesday. Sale times vary based on quantity of cattle and weather. Sale times are set to either be 6:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. The sale time will be posted every Sunday evening on the Oklahoma National Stockyards Company Facebook page.

Special Dates:

We will have sales the week of Thanksgiving.

We will not have sale the week of December 26 or the week of January 2.

Stockyards City was founded October 3, 1910, and was built to serve the nation as a primary source for meat processing and packing. By 1915, Morris, Wilson and Armour, meat processing and packaging companies, all established huge packing facilities to slaughter the cattle, hogs and sheep which were transported first by cattle drive and later by railroad and truck. The area’s nickname for a time was “Packingtown.” By 1961, faced with complete overhaul and updating of equipment, the packing plants decided to close. However, the on-site Stockyards still retained its profitable cattle trading and related businesses. The Oklahoma National Stockyards grew to be, and still is, a vital part of both local culture and national trade. In fact, it is the only sale of its kind remaining in the United States.

Since its founding, Stockyards City has been the place for cattlemen, horsemen, farmers, ranchers and real cowboys to come for apparel, equipment, supplies, a good meal, and the opportunity to catch up on what was going on over a cold sarsaparilla with fellow cattlemen. For over 80 years, Stockyards City has continually offered the kind of quality products and services which are synonymous with the heritage of the West. Come do business with us, in our little piece of a bigger history.